Learning Journey

Join us on the exciting learning journey!

Gain exclusive access and hands-on experience with our professional trainers on how “Food is the new Climate hero”! Witness how our 30by30 Singapore National Goal is being achieved through exciting technology and entrepreneurship! Taste the freshest veggies, learn how to grow at home and build healthy eating habits! Come experience with us everything from black soldier fly to multi-story indoor agriculture and gain a unique insight to our sector, brought to life with engaging and professional sessions!

What you will learn?

Through learning journeys, we aim to help students understand the importance of sustainability and giving back to society. Students can experience urban farming and appreciate the food they eat.

To allow students to Innovate, Inspire and Inquire about Science Recognise Science

Recognise Science and its importance to life around them

Learn the importance of sustainability & giving back to society

Learn about Urban Farming Practices in Singapore

Safe, Seamless and Impactful Learning Journeys

Food Resilience & Sustainability Learning Opportunities at different sites! Visit them all!

Renewable-Powered Rooftop

- Inspire with how technology is used in agriculture with Singapore's first Urban farms powered with solar energy and rainwater! View different farming methods and technology, such as IoT and hear from our local entrepreneurs how with they invented growing systems with their STEM background!
- Hydroponics | IoT | Green Energy
- #30by30, #GreenPlan

Soil-based Urban Farming

- Learn about lifecycles, carbon and water cycle works! See how a soil-based organic-method Urban Farm is ran on a multi-story carpark!
- Soil | Composting | Earthworm Composting
- #30by30, #GreenPlan

Commercial Rooftop Farms

- Learn what the day in a life of a commercial urban farmer is like and how engineering and innovation are used to remove pests without pesticides. Also witness how a Future Food- Spirulina (a superfood) is being grown!
- Commercial | Future Food | Pesticide- free
- #superfood, #30by30

Food Waste Recycling

- Have you ever wondered where spoiled vegetables go? Learn how an Urban Farm in a building converts food waste to proteins used for animals, recycling nutrients back into the foodchain!
- Food Waste | Animal Protein | Recycling
- #GreenPlan #FoodWaste

Learning Journey Outcome

By attending this course, students will learn the basics of urban farming and experience growing and harvesting the crop on their own. Most importantly, students learn the importance of food sustainability and food security and appreciate the food they have.

Learn about the benefits of urban agriculture

Understand the importance of urban farming

Learn how to start an urban garden

Learn how to maintain a healthy urban garden

3 Steps to be an Urban Farm Expert

Learning Journey is a hands-on experience where students will get to know the process of urban farming and how it relates to our environment. They will also learn about the role of farmers and the importance of sustainable agriculture. Students will visit rooftop farms and see how food is grown and harvested. They will also meet the people who grow and harvest the food.

Learn basic & importance of urban farming (Workshop)
Urban Farm Learning Journey (Hands-On Experience)
Grow and Harvest Crops in school (Urban Farmer)

Schools We Worked With

We have worked with over 10 schools in 2022 and taught over 1000 students the importance of urban farming and how to grow their own crops in school & at home. 

Our Past Learning Journeys

Urban farms are becoming increasingly common around the world. They provide food for people living in cities who don’t have access to fresh produce. The idea behind urban farming is simple: grow your own food in places where there isn’t enough space for traditional agriculture.