A Better World Through Better Foods For Better People

What's Unique About Us

Our Diversified Approach

Allow us to offer Products & Services from a wider range.

Our Commitment

To "A Better World, through Better Foods for Better People".

Our Motivations

That current food systems are primary polluters of our planet and every person has a right to better foods.

Making urban farming more sustainable through innovation and education.

Agritisan offers urban farming solutions such as urban farm setup, maintenance, automation & IoT solutions for corporate, homes & schools. Explore our urban farming courses such as hydroponics, aquaponics & urban farm education for individuals and students. 


Feed Your Own Project

The Feed Your Own Project aims to help Singapore achieve a sustainable network of urban farms with a charity-corporate partnership model.  Corporation can contribute to helping Singaporean stay healthier through growing quality organic crops, be part of the 30 by 30 Singapore Government movement and provide job opportunity for those less fortunate.

Safe, Seamless and Impactful Learning Journeys

Food Resilience & Sustainability Learning Opportunities at different sites! Visit them all!

Renewable-Powered Rooftop

- Inspire with how technology is used in agriculture with Singapore's first Urban farms powered with solar energy and rainwater! View different farming methods and technology, such as IoT and hear from our local entrepreneurs how with they invented growing systems with their STEM background!
- Hydroponics | IoT | Green Energy
- #30by30, #GreenPlan

Soil-based Urban Farming

- Learn about lifecycles, carbon and water cycle works! See how a soil-based organic-method Urban Farm is ran on a multi-story carpark!
- Soil | Composting | Earthworm Composting
- #30by30, #GreenPlan

Commercial Rooftop Farms

- Learn what the day in a life of a commercial urban farmer is like and how engineering and innovation are used to remove pests without pesticides. Also witness how a Future Food- Spirulina (a superfood) is being grown!
- Commercial | Future Food | Pesticide- free
- #superfood, #30by30

Food Waste Recycling

- Have you ever wondered where spoiled vegetables go? Learn how an Urban Farm in a building converts food waste to proteins used for animals, recycling nutrients back into the foodchain!
- Food Waste | Animal Protein | Recycling
- #GreenPlan #FoodWaste