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We build. We help bring to life Agri-tech systems to your organisation.


We teach. We organise customised learning journeys, workshops, talks and farm tours for groups.


We fix. We assist in maintaining, and re-supplying your agri-tech system.

Reshaping Our World, One Step At A Time

Our Agri-Education Programs

We have holistic and curated programs for schools & organisations which includes:

Singapore's '30 by 30' Plan

Singapore to produce 30% of its food source by year 2030.

Food Security

We want to ensure the availability, accessibility & affordability of food for every Singaporeans.


We want to ensure that we will be able to sustain ourselves during times of disruptions that threatens our food supply from other countries.


To make our food supply more resilient to disruptions.

Our Agri-Technology Solutions

We build Agri-tech systems for your organisation so that you can ride the '30 by 30' wave with us. Additionally we can check-up on your current system, and provide system maintenance and re-supply:

Be Part Of The Movement

Join us in making Singapore's Green Plan '30 by 30' happen! With our shared vision for a greener and sustainable future, let us work together. Here at Agritisan, we constantly seek passionate individuals and organisations to work with us, through:

Our Partners