About Us

Agritisan was founded by engineers, growers and consumers that felt the need for healthier, safer and more secure food supply. We strive to make a change in current production methods towards more sustainable methods for future generations to thrive.

Our Vision

Thriving communities striving towards resilient, sustainable and healthy food production.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and sustain urban agriculture and educational platform.    

We are a catalyst for change that empowers people to discover and participate in local food systems that encourages healthy living and grow a sustainable community.

We are a Member Of

Meet The Team

The Agritisan team is an eclectic grouping of talent with various experiences & expertise. Aside from a love for plants and all things sustainability, the team is closely bonded by their joint passion for food and various culinary pursuits.

Alexander Tan


Jennifer Lim


Jessie Liang

Office Manager

Anisa Lim

Education and Projects Manager

Brian Heng

AgriTech Lead


Farm Operations Manager