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Tower Technology & Data Validation

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Agritisan offers farm tours and specially customized agri-Education programmes for all school levels. As an urban farming advocate, we strive to educate the future generations about the possibilities of sustainability, urban farming and agri-technology and its importance

Farm Tours

Unprecedented and privileged access to local high-tech urban farms, tracing Singapore’s food security approach through local production. Step into the shoes of a high-tech urban farmer and marvel at their technology or entrepreneurial journey.

Agritech Solutions

Have a urban-farm idea, community-outreach event or an innovation project that you’re aiming to do, give us a call and we’ll help you through it! As well as help to install and maintain it throughout its life.

Saplings and Seedlings

In our nutrient rich ebb flow grow beds, we have an interesting and colourful variety of seedlings & saplings of herbs, vegetables and flowering plants. These hydroponically grown saplings are suitable for our Agritisan "Food Pod" Towers as well as other growing plant systems available commercially. Interested to find out more do contact us here: