Agritisan Internship Program

Explore the world of urban farming

Join us on the journey to create a better world through better foods for better people. Agritisan  – a fun and exciting workplace to bring you first-hand exposure to urban farming operations and growth that will help you develop the critical skills and experience to excel in your future endeavours.

What you will learn?

If you have ever been interested in entering the urban farming industry, an internship is a great way to gain confidence and gain skills.

Urban Farm Community

Interns are given the opportunity to be part of one big urban farm community where everyone works together to make Singapore self-sustainable.

Gain confidence and skills

Gain invaluable knowledge of growing crops and running a business while getting hands-on experience on an urban farm.

Work as a Team

As part of the internship, you will learn to work as a team with our colleagues and provide networking opportunities with professionals in the industry.

Internship Completion

At the end of your internship journey with Agritisan, you will be awarded a certificate for your contribution to the urban farming community. It is endorsed by organizations supporting our cause and celebrates your accomplishments. We hope that you have gained valuable skills and insights into new career paths as well as learned how to work in collaboration with others. This internship certificate will be a lifelong reminder of the rewards of hard work and dedication to improving our urban environment.

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