Urban Farm Programs

4 Reasons to Learn Urban Farming

Gain urban farming skills through practical learning and grow your own produces at the comfort of home.

National Initiative

Help us make Singapore more sustainable through urban farming.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By growing produce near the communities we reduce the carbon emission expended to put food on the table.

Home Urban Garden

Learn how to grow your own rich nutrient fresh food using space-effective hydroponics methods.

Foster Stronger Community

By managing a community urban farm together encourages collaboration and communication.

Explore Our Urban Farm Programs

These programs are designed to help people understand how to grow their own food sustainably in cities. They are also great for anyone who wants to learn more about growing food in an urban environment.

Community Involvement Program

Give back and make a difference through this program. Harvest fresh produce from your community gardens and visit the community fridge to drop off produce to be redistributed or cooked for the families in the community.

Values-In-Action Program

The year-long urban farm curriculum teaches students vital lessons about food security and sustainability. We dive into practical learning with activities such as growing produce using hydroponics and soil methods, harvesting vegetables and herbs, setup of farmer's market as well as donating it back to the local community.

Applied Learning Program

This program provides students with an understanding of the science behind food production and processing. Students learn how to apply scientific principles to develop products that are safe, nutritious, and appealing to consumers.