Agritisan Workshops

Raising awareness through food security & sustainability education

Attending urban farm workshops can be an invaluable learning opportunity for all individuals looking to understand the importance of sustainability and food security in Singapore. Participants will have chances to gain practical skills ranging from basic planting techniques to managing urban farm business, and learn the theory and practice of successful urban farming. 

Available Workshops

Conducted by our highly experienced facilitators, participants will gain insights from veteran farmers and discover actual practices used in our urban farms. Through this experience, students can build their capacity to take action on issues of urban farming in Singapore.

Beginner Workshops

Agri 101- Growing Basics, Hands-on Seeding, Competition, Harvesting*

Each class of students is assigned a growing tower or section of it, friendly competition between classes who can grow the best!

The Need

Hear from Urban Farmers themselves, WHY they were motivated to grow food in Singapore, what Urban farming truly is and what farms we have in Singapore.

Urban Farming in School*

See how your school’s urban vertical farms save space, use technology and are better for the environment! Have a better appreciation for Singapore’s food security, biodiversity & sustainability efforts. Learn to plan an outreach project with the farm’s produce!

Recycled Bottle Planters

Students can appreciate and learn creative ways to turn trash into treasure by reusing plastic bottles, turning them into attractive planters. Special: Turn your recycled plastic bottles into a colourful, attractive planter

Intermediate Workshops

Agri 201- Growing with Advanced Techniques*

Students taught basic nutrient & pH requirements of how to grow on tower systems from seed to harvest.


Students realise the difference freshly harvested crops make. Realise the importance of frequent healthy eating and how to prepare vegetables in 3 methods.

Growing Food At Home!

IT TASTES BETTER when you do it yourself! Students have an interactive hands-on session on growing on a hydroponics tower. Special: Farmers’ trick of how to make plants taste sweet

Microgreens Growing

Grow the nutrient-packed SUPERFOOD microgreens using upcycled carton boxes. Special: How to grow plants without light or on a window sill in your room!

Advanced Workshops

Urban Farming Career Talk

Be inspired with opportunities from education and employment in the Urban farming sector.

Enzyme Workshop- Repurposing Food Waste

Using vegetable scraps from the salad making activity, and other food scraps, students will make a bottle of eco enzyme and learn of its many uses.


Students interact with digital sensors to accurately measure plant growing parameters. They will be taught the importance of different plant nutrients and how to farm with organic methods.

Urban Farming Entrepreneurship

Explore how to start your own urban farming microbusiness!

Upkeep your Urban Farm*

Keeping an urban farm going is no easy feat! Learn the tricks of the trade to ensure that your organisation’s urban farms are flourishing and up kept!

Schools We Worked With

We have worked with over 10 schools in 2022 and taught over 1000 students the importance of urban farming and how to grow their own crops in school & at home. 

Our Past Workshops

Urban farms are becoming increasingly common around the world. They provide food for people living in cities who don’t have access to fresh produce. The idea behind urban farming is simple: grow your own food in places where there isn’t enough space for traditional agriculture.